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Skate Sharpening

There is more than one way to sharpen skates. Unfortunately most of them are wrong. I once helped a customer who confessed to sharpening his skates with a rotary tool. The result was not what he expected. In fact he was buying new skates from me as he confessed his gaffe. The simple fact is, there is no good way to sharpen your own skates . . . unless you have a lot of money & many years to practice. We use state of the art equipment. But it takes more than a great machine. Our years of experience, superior training & thousands of skates sharpened assure a great edge every time. Whether you play hockey or figure skate, there isn't a better sharpening in the universe, let alone the state

Hockey or Figure Skates
Only the best sharpening in the universe
Just One Sharpening
toepick or not same low price     $9
The EDGE 10 Sharpening pass
the whole family can share it    $72
More info on the EDGE 
Sharpening 411
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