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Scott has been in the business since 2001. He's had dozens of hockey & figure skating articles & two books published, several of which are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. His Rocket Skate Blog has great tips on buying, repairing and maintaining gear. Much to his surprise he was recently called legend in Boulder County's hockey community.

Who is next?

Your picture here? We're always on the lookout for new Rocket Skate Scientists. If you're smart, funny, friendly and willing to roll up your sleeves to learn and work, you might be a good fit. You can email your resume or click below to apply online.


Azalea was born in Zimbabwe and spent most of her years in South Africa (or Sofrica as she calls it). Her family returned to the U.S. in 2018 on their 49-foot sailboat. She's a devoted figure skater and member of the Sparks Synchro team. Azalea joined Rocket Skate in 2019. Do not get between her and her fruit chews.


Despite the fact that he's a Penguins Fan, we hired Nick in 2019 (because let's face it, at least he isn't a Flyers fan). Nick is currently at CU Boulder pursuing a master's degree in Architectural engineering. In addition to playing ice hockey he's an avid soccer player and enjoys taking in-car selfies. 


Rose joined the team in 2014. She's been an avid figure skater since 2010. An excellent writer and editor, Rose is currently attending CU's College of Media, Communication and Information. She holds a blackbelt in sarcasm, is a world renowned grammar Nazi and a world class quidditch player.


An accomplished hockey player, Rowan joined us in 2019. As a U16, she plays U19 for Team Colorado (the only AAA Girl's program in the state). Pound for pound, she might be the best skate lacer in the entire state. Once she retires from hockey, she plans to become the first female Buzkashi star in Afganastan.


A competitive skater, Ksusha joined us in 2014. Ksusha is completing degrees in molecular biology, biochemistry and Japanese at CU Boulder. Ksusha is such a nerd that she might know more about Star Wars than George Lucas. She also grows cancer cells for entertainment (and, less interestingly, for science).


Caleb managed to sweet talk his way onto the Roughriders AAA team. He also captained both Monarch teams in the 2019/20 season. He briefly tried to be a vegan but couldn't handle the ensuing bullying. We're not certain this picture is actually him as it is nearly identical to an ad from a late 70's Sears Catalog.


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