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Scott has been in the business since 2001. He's had dozens of hockey & figure skating articles & two books published, several of which are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. His Rocket Skate Blog has great tips on buying, repairing and maintaining gear. Much to his surprise he was recently called legend in Boulder County's hockey community.


Ally has worked on and off at Rocket Skate since 2011. She earned her masters degree in music in 2020, and is a highly accomplished violist and hockey player. Can she dangle through the opposing defense while playing Beethoven? I don't know, but she'd have a better chance than anyone else I can think of. 

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An accomplished hockey player, Rowan joined us in 2019. As a U16, she plays U19 for Team Colorado (the only AAA Girl's program in the state). Pound for pound, she might be the best skate lacer in the entire state. Once she retires from hockey, she plans to become the first female Buzkashi star in Afganastan.


Rose joined the team in 2014. She's been an avid figure skater since 2010. An excellent writer and editor, Rose is a CU graduate of CU's College of Media, Communication & Information. She holds a blackbelt in sarcasm, is a world renowned grammar Nazi and a world class quidditch player.

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Caleb managed to sweet talk his way onto the Roughriders AAA team. He also captained both Monarch teams in the 2019/20 season. He briefly tried to be a vegan but couldn't handle the ensuing bullying. We're not certain this picture is actually him as it is nearly identical to an ad from a late 70's Sears Catalog.

Who is next?
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Your picture here? We're always on the lookout for new Rocket Skate Scientists. If you're smart, funny, friendly and willing to roll up your sleeves to learn and work, you might be a good fit. You can email your resume or click below to apply online.

Some of

our Alumni

Mentorship is a big part of what keeps me going. I'm proud of their achievements. I hope I've given them good advice. I feel blessed to have had these people as teammates once upon a time—Scott

Scott worked with Ozzy just around the turn of the century in the Pro Skate days. Ozzy had a true entrepreneurial spirit before he was hired. Until recently he was the founder, owner and operator of Periodic Brewing, which featured two locations in Colorado. Recently Ozzy moved to Texas to chase his next adventure.


Sophie worked for us from 2011 through 2014 while completing double majors in finance and chemistry at CU. She relocated to the Baltimore area upon landing the job she aimed for with that pair of degrees; she now works in finance for a major pharmaceutical company.


Jarad worked for us in 2011. He played a few games of minor league pro hockey before deciding it was time to stop chasing the dream. He apprenticed in plumbing. Since then he founded, owns and operates a successful construction company. 


Ksusha started with us in 2014. She finished her Bachelors Degree at CU, while working with us through early 2021. Ksusha is currently managing a medical research lab at CU. As a pre-med student, she'll return to school eventually to pursue research in growing human replacement limbs and organs.

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Nick worked for us from Summer of 2019 though mid 2021 while finishing his masters degree in electrical and architectural engineering at CU. He landed an excellent position months before graduation in his chosen field.