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Rocket Skate is Boulder County's only shop specializing in Hockey & Figure Skating, Rocket Skate offers repairs, sharpening and great deals on new gear. We offer the best sharpening in the universe. Rocket Skate was Colorado's first shop to offer BFD, Flat Bottom Radius sharpening, True Custom skate fitting and now Aura custom skates.

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We're located
at 976 W. Dillon Road​
in Louisville (near the Outback Steakhouse)
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Our location at  976 West Dillon Road in Louisville is only 5 minutes from Sports Stable, 10 minutes from the Lafayette Y rink, 15 minutes from Westminster Ice Centre and University of Colorado rink.


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lots of VH

We were the first U.S. VH dealer & we're now among the first True Skates by VH fit centers. How does it work? We take a digital scan which VH uses to build skates, custom tailored for your feet, delivered in only a few weeks!